“We will have monuments and statues throughout the park to help visitors reflect, remember and find solace. Visitors will be able to truly become absorbed by the sacrifice of those who serve. It is all-encompassing in its impact.”

Jackie Smith

NFL Hall of Famer

Remembering and honoring veterans

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Perryville, Missouri, will give veterans, their families and supporters a peaceful area to reflect on the past and honor those who served or are currently serving.


Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial will serve as a way to bridge the growing divide between veterans and civilians by educating visitors on the ongoing triumphs and challenges of those who have served in uniform.

The power of Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial and these grounds

Our Impact

Educating a new generation

Many Americans grow up without knowing the impact the Vietnam War had on this country. Veterans were not celebrated on their return home as they are today. This complicated war left a mark on America’s past and in the hearts of those who fought in it.


Many veterans carry the weight of their experiences alone. This memorial will give them the opportunity to share their stories, connect with others and help us educate future generations on the difficulties they faced.

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Empowering Missouri and our community

Organizations throughout Southeast Missouri all the way up through St. Louis are already lending their support. Local historical groups and organizations are proud to have a project this special to rally behind.

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Growing area businesses

A large project like this, with the backing it already has, is drawing nationwide attention. Once the memorial is complete, Perryville, Missouri, will not only see an increase in visitors from across America but will be recognized for its significant contribution to all generations of veterans and service members.


The increase in tourism will be a boon to local economies across Southeast Missouri.

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Inspiring the nation

Our Facebook page is a sea of positive comments and encouragement from individuals all over the United States. Many are grateful for the ease of travel this memorial offers compared to others.

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No matter where you are in America, we ask for your support.

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